Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions I get asked. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me

How long does it take to make a design?

The elapsed time for making a piece is is a few days after working out what design I am going to make. But I usually make several pieces at once to make the best use of the kiln in each firing - so filling up the fist kiln load of designs takes 4 - 5 days.

Each firing takes approximatley 24 hours as the glass has to be carefully heated to just over 800°C gradually over several hours so that all the strands of glass fuse together to a layer of glass that is laid on top.

The kiln is then gradually cooled slowly to avoid the glass cooling too quickly and cracking due to thermal shock.

All my work has at least two kiln firings - one for fusing the sequence of stringers to a base layer of glass and the second for shaping the piece by placing it in a mould. When the glass is heated it gradually slumps into the shape of the mould.

Between the first and second firiings, the edges and surfaces are sanded so that they are smooth to touch.

Can you make custom plates to match particular colours?

Generally yes.  Where necessary I can make sample pieces to show the colours and will email photographs to the customer.

Are there other shapes available?

I mainly design and make rectangular shaped pieces as I think that these show off the ColourWave blending technique the best.

Recently I have been making smaller pieces so yes - I can design pieces to fit square, rectangluar and circular designs, as well as wall art pieces. 

Wall art can be flat or shaped depending on customer wishes, and attached to the wall using metal stand-off posts. Wall art pieces are generally made on a commission basis.

Are these plates food safe?

The plates have not been certified for use with food and due to the glass manufactures' recommendation, due to the components that go into making the glass, my work is probably best for decorative purposes only.

Why does your work have a matt finish to it?

When the glass comes out the kiln after the first firing, the surfaces are fairly rough. Sandblasting takes off the top layser of glass and smoothes out the surface. It also adds to the effect of my work and helps in the blending process of my designs

How do I clean this item?

ColourWave Glass plates should be cleaned with a soft cloth with glass cleaner or warm water with mild detergent if needed.  The glass surfaces should also be dried to prevent spots of water drying to the surface.

These items should not be put in a dishwasher.