A New Look at Colour

Innovative, Intriguing, Uplifting, Atmospheric Decorative fused glass designs for interior spaces

Designed and made in the UK by Helena Ross

Colour is an important feature of human experience, as it is linked to emotions, memories and is a key factor in art and design.

The ColourWave technique, developed by Helena Ross, is a novel way colour can be used to form ordered waves of colour in glass structures.

Coloured strands of glass are selected and arranged side by side in combinations to create harmonising, sometimes mesmerizing ColourWaves that blend and contrast in harmony. You will appreciate the fine details and variations that reveal themselves when you observe these colourful decorative glass items up close.

A wide range of ColourWave structures and patterns are possible and are the basis of the products in these pages.

The ColourWave Glass designs are a way to brighten up any atmosphere by adding a splash of colour and are sure to earn compliments from family and friends alike.

New items are continuously being added – some of which can be seen below.

Some of the latest pieces added to the Shop

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