Hi, I am Helena Ross, and I have been busy over the last twenty years working with glass in various forms, tackling the task of introducing new ideas and techniques, and dealing with the technical challenges of making quality products.

For the last few years, I have been developing a method of designing using thin strands of glass in limited colour palletes, laid down side by side. Because I have full control of the pattern of colours, I have been able to generate designs with wide ranges of colours and provide smooth transitions, at the same time as building colour textures and highlights into the designs.

The designs vary from bright uplifting designs with dominant colours, to more subtle “mood” pieces.  In many cases the designs result from experiments with the choice of the mix of colours, and surprising effects when strong colours are mixed locally, sometimes harmonising, sometimes producing eye-catching effects.

Throughout this site, you will see the variety of colour structures that can be made - from simple colour gradients, to rippled structures and more complex interwoven structures.

An unusual visual effect is that the viewer sees different features depending how close or far away you are.   The eye averages out the colours when viewed from a distance, but close up the colours are much brighter and hidden patterns start to appear.

All this is worked out when loading the coloured strands into the kiln and crossing fingers as they are melted and fused together to the sheet of glass on top of them.  For me, the moment of truth is when the kiln is opened after it has cooled, and I get to see if the experiments have worked.

I hand-finish all pieces to ensure smooth surfaces and edges and to enhance the final colour effect. To shape each piece, the glass is put back into the kiln on a mould and when the temperature gets hot enough it slumps into the mould taking its shape.

The video below show the finished piece that was in the process of being assembled above

All the pieces I make are suitable as decorative pieces to add splash of colour or become a focal point for a room or space. They can be used as a decorative piece for a table and when not in use most pieces are the right size to fit on a windowsill and will cast a coloured shadow when light passes through it.

Please note that these pieces are not recommended to be in direct contact with food due to the way that they have been made and from recommendations from the manufacturer of the glass itself.

Pieces should be cleaned with a soft cloth with glass cleaner or warm water with mild detergent if needed.  The glass surfaces should also be dried to prevent spots of water drying to the surface.

These items should not be put in a dishwasher.

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Some of the latest pieces recently added are shown below.

If there are any designs that you see that you would like to order more than one of, or if we have caught your eye, but do not quite have what you are looking for, please get in touch as we can make designs to fit colour or size requirements.

Some of the latest pieces added to the Shop

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