Shades of Blue - Large Boat
  • Shades of Blue - Large Boat


    Add a touch of colour to a room with this decorative plate in an boat shape that curves up at the corners.


    This piece is a gradient of colour - from white at the outside edges to blue in the centre.   Close up strands of lavender, pale pinks, greens and grey make up the sequence of colours.


    It is suitable as a centrepiece for a table or a focus feature for a room.   It also fits neatly on most windowsills and can cast a small coloured shadow underneath as the outside light refracts through the glass.  


    This piece has a matt finish on the top and bottom surfaces and the edges and corners are smooth to the touch.


    Length:  562mm  Width:  162mm

    Approximate Height at corners:  48mm


    This glass plate should be cleaned with a soft cloth with glass cleaner or warm water with mild detergent if needed.  The glass surfaces should also be dried to prevent spots of water drying to the surface.   This item should not be put in a dishwasher.