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About Helena

​After early years of experimenting in numerous craft activities, I discovered the joys of working with glass and the uplifting effect it can have.  During the degree course I did at Swansea Institute, my love of colour and graphic design was developed, which progressed into a wide range of glass activities, including modern stained glass panels, fused glass jewellery and sandblasted glass art. 

Since 2018 I have concentrated on developing the ColourWave technique, as it gave me the ability to have control of colour, structure and design, and make unusual and unique work.  I wanted to be able to mimic the colours of gardens and the natural world beyond.  I try to develop smooth blends of colours combined with fascinating detail close-up.  ColourWave also allows me to build novel colour structures such as the Resonance and Counterpoint series, where ripples of colour grow and recede, and wide ranges of design are possible.       

I enjoy the mixture of design, assembly and the hand finishing of my work and I hope you like the finished results.

About ColourWave

ColourWave plates use close-packed rods of coloured glass melted onto the surface of a glass structure.  Up to 600 strands of glass are laid out by hand, gradually varying the mix of colours to generate the drifts of colour and highlights that you see on the finished plates.  The designs are recorded so that sets of plates can be made.

The glass is fired in a kiln - firstly to melt the glass strands onto a base sheet of glass.   The glass edges are then smoothed and the surfaces are worked to diffuse the colours and provide a silky touch to the finished item.   A second firing is done to mould the glass into the shape of the item.

Below is a short timelapse video of one of the pieces being assembled.









Questions & Answers

How long does it take to make a plate?

Elapsed time is about a week, but several are being processed in series and a lot of that time the glass is being heated and carefully cooled in the kiln.

Can you make custom plates to match particular colours?

Generally yes.  Where necessary I can make sample pieces to show the colours and will email photographs to the customer.

Are there other shapes available?

Yes, I can make square, rectangular and circular plates, as well as wall art pieces.  These are usually on a commission basis.

Wall art can be flat or shaped depending on customer wishes, and attached to the wall using metal stand-off posts.

Are these plates food safe?

No, - the plates are for decorative purposes and have not been certified for use with food.

How do I clean this item?

The Colourwave glass plates should be cleaned with a soft cloth with glass cleaner or warm water with mild detergent if needed.  The glass surfaces should also be dried to prevent spots of water drying to the surface.   These items should not be put in a dishwasher.

If you have any other questions please contact me.

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